Proposal Exponent

An exponent is someone who speaks for, represents, or advocates.  In the context of proposing a business, research, or non-profit venture, this is what Proposal Exponent will do for your organization, with utmost clarity and vision.


Our Approach

Proposal preparation is a complex business, but Proposal Exponent will make the process as painless as possible. Our job is not to actually write the entire proposal for you, but to find out what you need, leverage your own resources, and fill in all the gaps to get the job done. This reduces your costs, helps your organization to work more efficiently, and invests your people in the effort so they care about winning.

Work Ethic

Once a commitment is reached, we will exceed the call of duty to deliver the best possible product. This includes working nights and weekends at your place of business or ours. We pride ourselves on our diplomacy and creativity, and we welcome unusual challenges.

Our Breadth

Proposal Exponent is led by Dr. Glen T. Shen, a scientist/engineer who has worked in the academic, business, government, and non-profit trenches for 25 years.

Dr. Shen has walked the federal agency corridors throughout DC, Arlington, and Maryland as principal investigator, review panelist, technical expert, and prospector for new funding.


Our goal is to develop close relationships with clients that enrich both sides. Our hallmarks are honesty and integrity – even when this means taking on only a limited role in your project or turning away business because the fit is not right.

Sampling of our Services

We interpret “proposals” in the broadest sense.

  • Grant and Contract proposal preparation – all aspects (federal, state, business, foundation)
  • Proposals to partner or collaborate with another entity (strategy, mechanisms, benefits)
  • Marketing of Intellectual Property via prospectuses targeted at specific audiences
  • Help with technical white papers or powerpoint presentations
  • Design of new grant or contract solicitations and review processes
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